These Are The UK's Most Popular Baby Names Of 2017

Naming your baby is a deeply personal decision and it almost goes without saying that in 2017, pretty much anything goes. But it's always interesting to hear which names stay in fashion, and which others gain in popularity to become modern-day favourites.
We're over halfway through 2017 now, so a dedicated baby-naming website, Nameberry, has compiled a list of the UK's favourite choices of the year so far.
For girls, the most popular choices are Olivia, Amelia and Charlotte. It seems reasonably safe to presume that Charlotte is still enjoying a popularity boost after Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge chose it as the name of their baby daughter, Princess Charlotte, in 2015.
Among boys' names, the most popular of 2017 so far are Asher, Atticus and Jack. If you check out the full top 10 for boys and girls below, you'll see that some names that might once have been considered "old-fashioned" are now rebounding in popularity to become trendy again.
The UK's most popular girls' names of 2017, according to Nameberry:
1. Olivia
2. Amelia
3. Charlotte
4. Isla
5. Isabella
6. Ava
7. Aurora
8. Evelyn
9. Penelope
10. Eleanor
The UK's most popular boys' names of 2017, according to Nameberry:
1. Asher
2. Atticus
3. Jack
4. Ezra
5. Theodore
6. Milo
7. Jasper
8. Oliver
9. Silas
10. Wyatt

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