Demi Lovato Is Probably Not Sorry She Teased A New Song The Same Day As Selena Gomez

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Demi Lovato is dropping a new song, and she's dropping it real soon. Yesterday, Lovato teased a new track called "Sorry Not Sorry" with a delightful gif that starts off with her all smiles before she closes her car window with a cheeky wink to reveal the song's title. Oh, and its release date is 11th July. Clearly, Lovato's saucy new track is a message to the haters: There will be no apologies. Knowing that, some couldn't help but notice that Lovato's teaser has an interesting Selena Gomez connection.
See, Gomez also happened to drop a teaser for what appears to be a new single called "Fetish" yesterday. Given that the status of the two former Disney stars' friendship is still hard to define, some wondered if the fact the two teased new tracks wasn't exactly a coincidence. Certainly, the title of Lovato's new single adds some fuel to that fire.
But before we all start accusing Lovato or Gomez of pulling the ultimate petty move like say, Taylor Swift releasing her entire discography to streaming the same day Perry dropped her new album, let's remember Lovato seemed to hint that she and Gomez were on good terms.
Last month, Lovato shared a photo with a caption that referenced a Gomez song. "Kill em with kindness.... or choke em with a smile on your face," she wrote along with the halo emoji. Lovatics and Selenators freaked out, convinced this was a sign that the two pop stars who starred in the 2009 Disney Channel Original Movie Princess Protection Program were still friends despite Lovato saying that she didn't talk to Gomez anymore in a 2015 Complex interview. (After the magazine issue was published, Lovato tried to downplay her comments, and she shared a photo of her and Gomez together that September.) While "kill 'em with kindness" isn't exactly a new phrase, Gomez recently shared a Spotify playlist called "Me & My Girls" that features Lovato, which is a positive sign.
Of course, there's no real evidence that Gomez and Lovato's announcements have any connection, even if the internet would love that. But, what we do know is we're getting two new pop songs that are bound to make this summer even cooler. Basically, double the pleasure, double the fun, and let's stop pitting these two against each other for no reason.
Gomez has yet to reveal the release date of "Fetish" and if it's 11th July, we could definitely revisit this discussion. For now, though, have fun listening to the "Sorry Not Sorry" teaser Lovato dropped, which makes it clear she's baddest. From the sounds of this banger, we can't disagree.


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