Celebrate #InternationalKissingDay With These 18 Adorable (& Sometimes Petty) Posts

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Today is International Kissing Day, and people took to Twitter to celebrate. The goal behind the awareness day is to remind people to recognise the simple value of a kiss between friends, lovers, family, and yes, even pets. Today, we are encouraged to appreciate love and intimacy in all forms — and to beat existing world kissing records.
With the hashtag taking off, users expressed their support (or lack thereof) in tweets range from sweet and sexy to petty and self-deprecating. Mostly, there were lots of dogs.
Ahead, check out some of our favorite posts from the day.
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Many Twitter users took the day to celebrate a loved one.
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Some lamented their relationship status…
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...while others chose to revel in self love.
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A few people weren't really feeling the spirit...
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...and took some creative liberty with their interpretation.
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Today was also #NationalFriedChickenDay, so those less jazzed about #InternationalKissingDay had their pick of what to celebrate.
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Sides were taken.
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Across the board, dogs especially got lots of love today.
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It seemed like almost every species was ready with a smooch.
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Alfie was especially reddy.
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The mood was enthusiastic, to say the least.
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There were highs, like this magic movie kiss...
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...and lows — it was also a time to reflect on less-than-stellar kiss memories.
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Overall, the day showed us that kisses come in all forms. However you celebrate, happy International Kissing Day!

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