Kristin Davis Just Got Real About Her Post-SATC Hair Loss

Photo: Getty Images.
Charlotte York taught us a lot over the years on Sex and the City. Like that women can propose just as easily as men, and that you can expect the post-breakup heartache to last half as long as the relationship. Oh, and how shitting your pants in front of all your friends in Mexico isn't the worst thing that could happen in the world. Perhaps our favourite, though, is that even your hair can hurt when you have a hangover.
Speaking of hair, hers was always impeccably polished and expensive-looking — that's the Park Avenue aesthetic, after all. It was long, highlighted, and just as full as the bank accounts of the men her character so often dated. But in a recent interview, actress Kristin Davis shared that achieving that look wasn't always easy — and it only became more difficult after SATC wrapped.
"My hair just was not what it used to be," Davis told WWD. "It was very fine, like it had gone away, there just was hardly any hair there. [It] was always very difficult hair, which no one believes when I tell them — it’s always been not quite that easy, but because I had a lot of hair the professionals could help me make it look nice. It’s not like I woke up and I had Charlotte hair."
When Davis realised she was shedding more than the normal 100 strands per day, she turned to her hairstylist Luke O'Connor for help. He recommended Volaire, and after trying the line, she signed on to be the face of the brand. "Mostly, I wanted it for myself," she said.
And as we so clearly learned from the hit TV show, isn't that the only reason to do any beauty treatment — or anything — ever?

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