Disney's New Lemonade Is A Sweet & Spicy Take On A Summer Favourite

Disney California Adventure may be pulling some focus away from the OG Disneyland with its new Summer of Heroes — which comes complete with a brand-new Guardians of the Galaxy ride — but it looks like the limited-edition eats are getting as much attention as the shows and new characters. Delish reports that the park's Krylorian Kooler may just be the sip of the summer, combining refreshing lemonade and watermelon that gets rimmed with Tajin.
The Krylorian Kooler joins the already-viral Groot-shaped I am Bread on the Summer of Heroes limited-edition menu. Named for the pink-skinned race of aliens featured in Guardians of the Galaxy the blushing lemonade actually gets its colour from watermelon, not Krylorians.
Watermelon lemonade sounds refreshing — especially after waiting over two hours to get on Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout — but Disney's mixologists weren't satisfied to just offer up a regular old beverage (though you can order it that way).
To literally spice things up, the Kooler gets a rim of Tajin, which adds a major kick to the drink. Unfamiliar with the Mexican condiment? Delish notes that it's a combination of "chilli powder, dehydrated lime juice, and salt." It's a powdery condiment that gets sprinkled on plenty of things in Mexico. It's not surprising to see it added to fruit like mangoes and pineapple or used on the rim of drinks like the michelada. The Tajin gives the Krylorian Kooler a hit of spice and salt, making for a unique offering that you can't find at any other Disney park (for now, at least). It'll be available at Cosmic Canteen through September 10, which is when the Summer of Heroes wraps up.
Clever Disney hackers are using Tajin in other imaginative ways, too. Since it's a complimentary addition at a few spots around Disney parks, adventurous diners are sprinkling the seasoning atop classic Disney Dole Whip to spice up that refreshing dessert.
Visitors looking for free Tajin can snag it at Tropical Imports, the fruit stand next to the Jungle Cruise. Disney's getting in on it too, with Tajin-tinged menu items popping up all over, like the limited-edition Mangonada.
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