Limited-Edition "Rainbowless" Skittles Are Here With A Supportive Message

Photo: Courtesy of Skittles.
Recently we came across the news that a US ice cream chain had concocted a Skittles flavour in celebration of Pride Month. This makes perfect sense seeing as the sweets come in a rainbow of colours that match those on the LGBTQ Pride flag. Ironically, however, the sweets themselves are getting an unexpected makeover to honour the month as well. It was recently announced that Skittles would release an all-white package of the treats. Instead of the multicolored Skittles, these packages contain only white versions of the sweets.
It may seem odd that Skittles would remove their rainbow colours to celebrate Pride, but the reason is summed up very nicely on the back of each package. A message on the back of each bag says, "During Pride, only one rainbow matters. So we've given up ours to show our support." And don't worry, Skittles isn't just shedding colors for Pride. The packages also explain that a portion of sales will go to LGBT+ charities.
It turns out this is actually the second year in a row that Skittles has given up its rainbow for Pride. In 2016, the brand put out a touching video which explained that during Pride, only one rainbow deserved to be the centre of attention. And, according to, black and white Skittles were given out during Pride in London.
Though we love seeing this Pride initiative, we're still pretty curious how the sweets taste without the rainbow colours. According to The Daily Dot, to make these limited edition Skittles, only the colour was removed and not the individual fruit flavours. We never thought taking away a rainbow would be the perfect way to celebrate Pride, but Skittles proved us wrong.

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