These Colourful Pride Tattoos Will Make You Want Ink

When it comes to permanent accessories — read: tattoos — a lot of people choose something of significance. That could mean a cool design you love to look at, a daily reminder on an arm or leg, or a more concealed message that hits a personal sweet spot. And while the options are endless, sometimes, a little ink on the body means more than meets the eye. Enter: rainbow tats.
These stunners can inject a much-needed dose of colour into our lives, and even take a basic black and white sketch to new levels. But more than giving our tats some fun, the ink also symbolises something so much bigger.
Last week marked the official start of Pride month, the month-long celebration of the LGBTQ community. And while Pride doesn’t start or stop in June, this month gives it an added boost. We’re all for taking a stand against discrimination toward the LGBTQ community, this month and beyond, which is why we’re so here for rainbow tats that show pride all day, every day. The colourful flag represents the diversity of the community, with each colour holding its own meaning, while further symbols like the heartbeat commemorate and pay tribute to Orlando's Pulse nightclub massacre. Check out the coolest ink inspo that proves even just a little colour goes a long way.
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This beating pulse, with its ROYGBIV center, tugs right at the heart strings.
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Rainbow streaks look cooler than any colour swatch we’ve seen, while still letting the world know you’re proud of who you are.
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The same goes for this subtle wrist decor, which looks rad, thanks to its minimalistic take.
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On its own, the equal sign represents equality. Combined with rainbow colours, this tat holds double meaning.
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We’re into a classic rainbow, whether or not there’s a pot of gold at the end.
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We already knew ear ink was having a moment, but this faux cuff band takes it to another level.
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Because Pride is more powerful than a strike of lightning.
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This is one way to show the love.
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Another small tat with a big message.
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Honouring the Pulse tragedy, this tat reminds us that love will always win.
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Midi rings have never looked better.
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This gradient line might be thin, but we love how bold it actually looks.
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Mini rainbows bring the fun to your classic arm cuff.
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Inverted triangles reference oppression from both the past and present. With colourful hues, they symbolise solidarity and, of course, pride.
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We’re kind of in 'love' with these bleeding letters.
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This cool take on the heart shape looks modern and fresh.
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The classic colour wheel gets a whole new meaning.
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With this tattoo combo, you’re getting three for the price of one — equality, love, and so much pride.
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Nothing is more powerful, and delicious looking, than a proud taco.