This Reporter Makeup-Shamed Theresa May — & Twitter Is NOT Having It

Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images.
Thursday night didn’t quite go as planned for Theresa May. After calling for an early election eight weeks ago in hopes of securing a bigger majority to back her up in Parliament, the Leader of the Conservative Party was delivered a swift blow as more of us put our faith behind Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party. It was a political shitshow for the history books — but while the government was in panic mode, one reporter chose to fixate on the quality of May’s makeup instead.
BBC’s Nick Robinson is now defending himself on Twitter after he was criticised for making “sexist” comments about May’s “thick makeup” during a live broadcast of the election results. His remarks were made especially infuriating by the fact that he implied that May had been so heavy-handed with her makeup because she was trying to conceal her crying about the loss.
“Sorry if I offended some by talking about May's thick make up but politics is about the personal & emotional not just stats and charts,” Robinson wrote in response to the backlash. But his followers, May supporters or otherwise, still weren’t having it.
Regardless of whose side you’re on, commenting on the appearance of a politician is totally irrelevant — especially when that politician also happens to be a woman. If you feel the need to criticise May’s looks along with her policies, that’s your petty “personal and emotional” cross to bear. But if you’re a supposedly professional reporter who can’t think of anything more erudite to say about a female party leader than that she’s wearing a lot of makeup because she’s crying (because she’s a woman!), you might want to work on that.

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