Whitney Port Gets Honest About Having A Hard Time Getting Pregnant

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Most of Whitney Port's life seems like a fairy tale, but in a new blog post for People, the former reality star opened up about facing the possibility of infertility and a challenging conception. Although Port is currently in her third trimester, she explains that at the beginning of the process, she feared that a medical issue would keep her from getting pregnant.
"After marrying my husband, Timmy, we began the discussion of starting a family," Port wrote. "We both wanted to wait a bit, but in the back of our minds were worried about not being able to conceive."
Port goes on to describe her Fijian honeymoon (another fairy tale moment, right?). Well, as romantic as it sounds to get away to a far-off island, Port and her new husband contracted bacterial infections, she explains. While her husband's was on his foot, Port's developed into a pelvic infection. When she went to get it checked out, her doctor told her that she could face trouble conceiving. Port says that the news shocked her and that when her husband brought up the idea of pregnancy, she didn't know whether or not she was ready mentally or emotionally — and the fact that she'd just faced doctor's news didn't help.
"In my heart, I knew that I was never going to be 'ready,' and that in time, I would just learn whatever I needed to learn and be okay. But he seemed to not be worried at all, which was great, but also secretly annoying," Port continued. "We agreed that I would go off my birth control and see what happened. I guess we assumed that it would take a while because of my previous medical issue and then we'd have to chart out the days I was ovulating and all that other stuff you see in movies. Well, it didn't, but I'll tell you the rest of the story next time."
Port concludes the post by saying that she hopes that her story helps others facing scary medical news leading up to pregnancy. Port will also be documenting the rest of her pregnancy and sharing a few glimpses into her life as an expectant mom on her YouTube channel. She's hoping to create a community where people can share their stories, ask questions, and get answers without facing mom shame.

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