Bella Hadid Doesn't Work Out To Lose Weight

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock.
Over the last several years, we've become more aware that exercising and eating well shouldn't have to be wholly about losing weight. While it's true that a person might lose weight after adding something like fresh vegetables and lean proteins to their diet or beginning to exercise, the end goal of living a healthier life shouldn't be to slim down — which is something even model Bella Hadid endorses.
In a recent interview with Coveteur, Hadid opened up about what exercising means to her. While she initially mentions that she isn't "really big on exercising," it's clear through the rest of her interview that Hadid does actually enjoy what she gets out of a workout — mainly, feeling fit and strong.
"It’s more about being the best I can be, not about losing weight," she told Coveteur. "[Weight-loss] comes naturally, but it is about being fit and feeling strong. When I wake up in the morning and I don’t feel strong, I feel like I shouldn’t even get out of bed.”
To be clear, weight loss doesn't always come naturally for everyone. While working out or eating well may mean that Hadid sheds some pounds, not everyone who exercises and eats well loses weight by doing so, and not everyone who is fit and strong looks like Hadid — nor should we expect them to.
But Hadid does hit on the idea that exercising can make someone feel powerful, or even relaxed. She also mentions in the interview that she has been missing her usual Thursday night yoga, which gave her some much-needed alone time.
“I used to love going to yoga on Thursday nights to just chill and breathe, and have an hour to not think about anything but myself.”
While Hadid told Coveteur that she can't handle highly intense workouts because she has Lyme disease — which can make those who have it easily fatigued — exercise helps her have the energy she needs to get through her days.
That's the real benefit of working out — feeling strong and powerful and energized, rather than working toward a number on a scale.

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