These Are The Most Popular Trainers In The US Right Now

The popular discourse may be that the U.S. is a country divided, but there's apparently one thing we all agree on: Converse are our favourite kicks.
A new report from Polyvore breaks down the most searched-for sneaker brands by state, and the Nike-owned footwear company emerged as #1 in all 50 states, plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, in data pulled from January through April of 2017. Plus, the runner-up also was nearly unanimous across the U.S.: Vans won the #2 spot in 48 states (and in both D.C. and Puerto Rico). It wasn't until the third spot that we see more diversity — and, in some cases, surprises — in the most quested-for labels.
"I can't remember the last time one brand dominated the country this way," Amy Wicks, senior fashion editor at Polyvore, told Refinery29 of the findings. "It's pretty impressive. It seems to be the one footwear brand we can all agree on!" While the same few brands — the Converses, the Nikes, the Vans, the Adidas — tend to consistently show up on the platform's annual rankings of top sneaker brands, it's the first time Polyvore sees a single brand chart first in every single state, according to Wicks. (In last year's data pull, Adidas and Nike came in first for brand-specific sneaker searches, although Converse and Vans were also up there.)
"The data definitely reflects a consistent interest in Converse," Wicks noted. "The interesting thing is that many come to Polyvore already own a pair of Converse, so they aren't necessarily looking to buy a new pair." Instead, Wicks observed terms like "casual," "school," and "cute outfits" associated with the brand. "Converse All Stars are instantly recognisable, comfortable and incredibly versatile: How many sneakers can you wear with a suit, a dress and cutoffs?" Wicks added, noting that the shoe is also gender-neutral.
There are a few other factors at play that probably worked in Converse's favour with this report. Firstly, there's nostalgia ("The sneakers you wore on the playground are still a staple, from work to weekend," Wicks said). Then, there's the rise and continued interest in the athleisure trend, which has helped fitness and footwear brands experience a renaissance on Polyvore. "Sneakers have replaced heels as the go-to shoe, and Converse are incredibly versatile so it's no surprise that searches are leaning more heavily in that direction," Wicks explained.
Ahead, we break down the top three sneaker brands by state. We may all be on the same page about our Chucks, but there are still a few regional trends that stand out (like Jordans being big in the mid-Atlantic states) as well as wild cards coming out some unexpected places (apparently, folks in Nevada love their Balenciaga trainers.) See if the results are reflective of your own footwear rotation.

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