This Girl's Dad Has More Game Than All Of Us

Angeline Tu Tran's dad has a crush, and it's melting the internet.
The 18-year-old, who is from California, has been traveling with her dad in Vietnam since graduating from high school, BuzzFeed reports. They were hiking through a mountain one day when Tran's dad bent down to write something in the sand. His phone had died, so he asked his daughter to take a photo of him with the message, which was the name of his crush.
"He said something along the lines of, 'Just this lady I'm interested in' and quickly brushed it off," Tran told BuzzFeed. She, obviously, had questioned why he wrote "Huyen" in the sand.
Later that night, when her dad asked her to send him the photos, Tran questioned him further.
"He told me about how they've known each other for about a year now and there has been mutual signs of interest but neither of them ever acted on it," she told BuzzFeed.
So, as any millennial would when their parents do something this adorable, Tran posted the photos to Twitter.
"my dad has a crush on this lady so when we went hiking he wrote her name in the sand and sent these to her," she wrote.
And the internet fell apart.
But the biggest question was, "Did it work?" Several people asked Tran to send updates asap.
While we can't say that it's based on just this one adorable photo (who knows how many cute things Tran's dad has done in the year that he's known this woman), we're happy to report that it does seem to have worked. Tran told BuzzFeed that Huyen told her dad to "save a date" for them to get together once he's back.

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