Gordon Ramsay Is Getting Sassy On Twitter Again & This Time Miss Piggy Is Involved

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The current season of MasterChef Junior has had a list of celebrity guests way more impressive than most reality shows where adults compete. We’ve seen little girls lose it over Michelle Obama, which we can all relate to, Modern Family’s Julie Bowen weigh in on the kids’ meals inspired by their moms, and Mayim Bialik from Big Bang Theory taste test burgers. It’s been quite a ride with lots of super famous folks leading the way, and of course, our beloved Gordon Ramsay has been there the whole time. Just when we thought the guest list couldn't get any more impressive, the most recent episode featured someone that has been in Hollywood longer than any other judge who has appeared this season. Yes, we’re talking about Miss Piggy.
Now, we would have thought that Miss Piggy and Chef Ramsay would have got on swimmingly because to be honest, these two have a lot in common. They both have confidence and seem to love the spotlight, and both of them have a real knack for stirring up drama. The drama queen and king may be similar, but it turns out, in this case, two wrongs don’t make a right. Their usual lack of tact recently turned them against each other before the latest episode of MasterChef Junior aired. Earlier this week, Chef Ramsay and Miss Piggy were in an all out Twitter war.
The feud began when Miss Piggy tweeted, “Moi is in the @MasterChefJrFOX kitchen Thursday trying to teach @GordonRamsay how to cook! Some like it #HauteCuisine.” To that, Ramsay responded with his signature sass saying, “#HauteCuisine....Seriously ?!?! I wouldn't give your cooking that much praise.” As we’re sure you can imagine, it all escalated from there. Take a look:
Not totally unexpectedly, Chef Ramsay ended up taking the argument a bit too far with one comment about what he usually does with pigs in the kitchen, but it seems like Miss Piggy did a good job letting it roll off her back.
Things may haven't gotten savage, but it was nice for Gordon Ramsay to give civilians a rest from his Twitter criticism for once, and focus on someone who can dish it right back.

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