You Have To See The New "Cloud Egg" Dish That's Taking Over Instagram

The latest food trend to sweep social media is just as ephemeral as unicorns, but it's actually inspired by something in the real world. Move over, multicolored foods and Technicolor treats, because Instagram's newest obsession is the "cloud egg."
According to Grub Street, the next dish to take over brunch is an egg that's cooked in such a way that it resembles a fluffy cloud with a sunny yolk peeking through. It looks pretty magical, but the food blog insists that it's pretty easy to do at home, even for inexperienced epicureans.

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To achieve the desired effect, aspiring foodies need to separate the egg yolk from the whites. Then, the whites get beaten up, à la meringue for those familiar with that process, and then baked in the oven so that they set in that puffy, fluffy formation. Going for cumulonimbus? Cirrus? Maybe altostratus? All you need to do is poke and prod at the raw egg white mound until you get the cloud effect you're going for. Right before the eggs are done cooking, plop the yolk back in the center to finish it all off.
It's pretty quick, simple, and Grub Street adds that celebrity chef/kitchen speed demon Rachael Ray did something similar back in 2012. We're guessing whoever was in charge or Ray's social media accounts is kicking themselves for not showcasing her version a little sooner. Plus, depending on how long you bake the eggs, you can get everything from a pure white cloud to more rustic looking charred-around-the-edges ones. Adding salt and pepper or a sprinkle of herbs really finishes off the entire thing, too.
Instagram #foodporn advocates are placing their cloud eggs atop salads, plain ol' toast, and, of course, avocado toast. Whatever you choose to pair yours with, it'll pretty much guarantee a pretty snapshot — and impress your most food-savvy pals.

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