Miley Cyrus Got A Total Make-Under — & You Have To See It

Billboard’s May issue might have you asking, "Where is Miley Cyrus and what have you done with our glitter princess?" If the cover story is any indication, the glitter is gone... and it's not coming back for awhile. In the interview, Cyrus opened up about life in the Trump era, and how today's political climate has changed her perspective. Besides finally speaking out about fiancé Liam Hemsworth, there’s something else about the story we can’t ignore: her new look. The singer stripped down in a way we’ve never really seen her — or at least, not in a long time. The only thing that's the same in the photos is her bleached hair.
So, after years of her sun's out, tongues out attitude, why the transformation? Cyrus said she's just ready to be normal: “I love talking to people, and I approach them in a normal, ‘Don’t treat me different, 'cause I’m not' way. That’s what started this evolution for me, getting out of my Dead Petz phase,” she told the publication. “People stare at me anyway, but people stare at me a lot when I’m dressed as a ­fucking cat.”
We noticed this change in motion a few months ago. Before a brief social media hiatus, Cyrus posted photos of herself announcing it was time to grow out her platinum pixie and go back to her roots. Apparently, she meant it in more ways than one.
Cyrus is no stranger to change, we're clear on this. But this time around, instead of cutting off all her hair and smearing on the rainbow eyeshadow, this look is much more of a make-under than a makeover — and we're here for every moment. Then again, if you couldn't handle Cyrus at her body-glittered, strap on-sporting, wig-wearing phase, then you certainly don’t deserve her at her barefoot and blond in Malibu with a guitar.

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