Have You Noticed This One Thing Jared Kushner & Donald Trump Have In Common?

There is a hell of a lot to discuss about Donald Trump that doesn't involve his appearance — like how disastrous his first 100 days were for women — but sometimes, one needs a break from digesting policy and shakily reading CNN alerts. Twitter user @mikesington gets that, and has brought some breaking news in the White House Department of Hair to our attention.
Trump's combover is notorious, a celebrity in its own right, really, and it seemed safe to assume it would remain the only style of its kind in the administration. But if we've learned anything since November, it's that we must assume nothing. Case in point: Jared Kushner is taking a page from his father-in-law's beauty playbook, as reported by GQ — and we're very confused.
It appears Kushner, who serves as a senior advisor to the President, has taken a serious liking to gel and combs recently, as he was spotted out with slicker, shinier, swoopier hair than we've seen before — hair, it must be said, that looks straight out of the Trump school of side-sweeping.
What could have sparked this new look? Perhaps it started innocently: Kushner woke up late, with a misbehaved cowlick, and ran out the door. Trump whistled for his glam squad, who came rushing over to tame the wayward hairs with strong-hold gel. Throughout the course of the day, Kushner realised he liked the change, thought it made him look more presidential, and kept it.
Let's just hope the transformation ends here. We're not sure we want to see what a White House full of men with spray tans looks like.

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