This Is How Many Pictures Will Be Taken Of You On Your Wedding Day

Photo: Tamara Menzi
Those of you getting married this summer are probably prepared for the fact that you'll have your picture taken just a couple of times.
Most people still opt to have a professional photographer at their wedding but with friends and family all possessing smartphones, there's a whole lot more unsolicited pictures of you taken as well.
But do you know how many pictures that is?
According to new research from, three-quarters of wedding guests use their phones to take pictures of the bride and groom on their big day (the other quarter are probably the older guests still getting to grips with those newfangled digital camera things). Along with the wedding photographer's pics, the total number of pictures adds up to 3,000 over the whole day. Based on a wedding party of 100, that's 28 pictures per guest, or one picture taken every six seconds.
The survey polled 1,015 recent wedding guests and 1,015 recently married or engaged couples and found that a third of those pictures taken are subsequently shared on social media – which means that somewhere out there, recently married couples, there are hundreds (possibly thousands) of pictures of you that you haven't seen.
Scary as this sounds, you could use this information to your advantage. Wedding photographers cost, on average, around £1,520 (srsly) and actually, according to this research, recently married couples revealed that one third of the pictures their friends and family took on the day were of "excellent quality", with 15% requesting access to copies of their pictures.
This means that, if you can manage to track all those pics down, either by employing a hashtag or by asking guests to upload their pictures to wedding picture-sharing apps (WedPics is apparently the most popular), then theoretically, brides and grooms should end up with plenty of "excellent quality" pictures to choose from to remember their big day, all while saving themselves £1,520.
You can thank us by putting that £1,520 towards a free bar.

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