The Problem With The Backlash Over Kylie Jenner's Puma Ads

Runners are NOT happy with Puma's new shoe ad, featuring Kylie Jenner.
The reality star and beauty mogul has gotten backlash over her running form in the photo, which was posted both to Puma's and the @celebritygossip Twitter accounts.
"I coached track a while and if this the type of form puma pushing...every track athlete sponsored, should drop them faster than they start," someone wrote in reply to the ad shared on @celebritygossip.
"Have you forgotten that you sponsor actual athletes? If you're after someone particularly photogenic, you have @ImaniLara. Ok thanks," wrote another person on Puma's Twitter.
Some also brought up Caitlyn Jenner's history as an award-winning track runner, saying that she'd be so disappointed in her daughter.
She's not showing proper form for a runner in this photo, and people are upset that Puma has plenty of real athletes who could have model these shoes (Puma's Fierce Strap Flockling, in case you were wondering.)
But the thing is, not everyone who runs is a professional runner. Kylie Jenner represents the casual runner in this ad, a runner who may not have perfect form.
While it's true that improper running form can cause injury, it takes time to learn how to move your body the right way. Puma's fledgling running sneakers are training shoes, meant to help the people wearing them get better at the sport. So anyone who buys them likely won't have perfect form, either.
Kylie Jenner is not an athlete, and this ad doesn't even show her actually running. It's likely that she jumped on a trampoline to get this shot, especially since Puma posted the photo with the words "Mad air. Don't care."
So is it really fair to attack Kylie for not showing off perfect form in an advertisement for training shoes where she's not even running, anyway? We think not.

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