This Retailer Faces Backlash For Tote Bag Mocking Terrorism

Photo: Romwe
Tote bags are the perfect go-to accessory for when we’re out running errands and need something a little sturdier than our favourite handbag. Plus, they’re a fun way to express our passion for feminism, books, dogs, or our favourite politician.
In an example of missing the mark by about 100 miles, a tote bag mocking terrorism is available for purchase. American retailer Romwe is facing backlash for its tasteless tote.
The bag in question reads: "This bag contains a gun, a bomb, a very large knife and loads of drugs."
Despite a whole lot of much-deserved criticism, the tote is still available on Romwe at the time of writing. It’s now on sale for £8.22 (down from its original price of £18.91), presumably because the vast majority of consumers would prefer to not walk around with a bag that makes light of terrorist attacks and gun violence.
There’s no appropriate time to debut a bag like this, especially in the current political climate in the US; reports that American fears of a terrorist attack have recently surged to a level that’s on par with the days immediately following 9/11. There have been over 200 school shootings since 2013. The most recent shooting occurred in San Bernadino just yesterday, April 10. Gun violence continues to plague America to the tune of 30,000 gun-related deaths per year.
And, while we’re at it, it’s decidedly tasteless to joke about drugs when overdose-related deaths are on the rise.
Sure, we all have a right to freedom of speech and this includes expressing our views (or insensitive jokes) on clothing or accessories. But surely there are better slogans to put on tote bags that don’t provoke the very real anxieties and fears experienced by people all over the country and world.

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