Easter Eggs Are Getting In On The Unicorn Treatment, Too

Photo: Slattery's.
The Easter bunny has some competition this year. No, nobody is declaring a war on the holiday just yet, but the internet's favourite mythical creature (unless you're team mermaid, that is) is giving that cute cotton-tailed rabbit some stiff competition. Mashable reports that a candy company based in the U.K. just released a unicorn Easter egg and, of course, it's magical.
Slattery's, located in Manchester, is ditching the standby Cadbury formula and going straight-up enchanting with its latest holiday release. Its unicorn Easter egg gets crafted from rich chocolate and then gets a sparkling layer of edible pearlised spray paint to give it an ethereal silver hue. Additional decorations include a set of handmade ears, a rainbow-coloured mane made of royal icing, flirty gold eyelashes, and a gilt horn.
The whole thing — these unicorns are available in both white and milk chocolate options — gets a major dose of sparkle from a hefty dusting of edible glitter to finish. It's pretty perfect, if you ask us.
While it may look too pretty to eat, sweet-toothed chocolate fans will want to break into them, ASAP. Inside, chocolatiers at Slattery's have added a slew of pastel chocolate drops. That means you can enjoy chocolate two ways: via the delectable filling and the magical, sparkling exterior. Basically, this creation will make you forget all about those run-of-the-mill hollow Easter bunnies. And as for those hard-boiled dyed eggs that you're used to? Those may be high in protein, but they just don't compare in the magic department.
Unfortunately, these beautiful confections aren't available online, since shipping these is near-impossible due to their fragility. Anyone in the neighbourhood can pick one up for just £12.50 to celebrate the upcoming holiday.
Check out how the unicorn Easter eggs get made in this video from the Manchester Evening News, below.

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