The Queen Takes Chocolate Cake VERY Seriously

Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage.
We already knew Queen Elizabeth seems to abide by some strict rules when it comes to her daily meals. She doesn’t eat starches, she prefers small portions, and perhaps hardest to believe, she stays away from garlic. According to her former chef of 15 years, Darren McGrady, she eats to live and not the other way around. But, before you go thinking you have absolutely nothing in common with the monarch, there is one food she loves: chocolate biscuit cake.
In his recent interview with RecipesPlus, Chef McGrady explained that the Queen’s kitchen staff rotates the kind of cake they prepare for her. Usually, she has just one small slice and leaves the rest for the staff to finish off when they dine after her. But, when the chocolate biscuit cake is made, she keeps it all for herself. McGrady says Her Majesty always takes notice if there's a piece of this cake missing. Any dessert lover who has ever had to live with a roommate can relate to that.
In case you aren’t buying how much this usually subdued eater loves chocolate biscuit cake, McGrady shared a fun fact that will definitely convince you. If there was ever any leftover cake of this kind on a day when the Queen was traveling, her chef would pack it up and follow her on her journey with it. Yep, Her Majesty thinks chocolate biscuit cake is too precious to leave behind. Now, that’s devotion.
Now don’t think Queen Elizabeth allows her taste buds to call all the shots every time chocolate biscuit cake is made. Perhaps the funniest tidbit from Chef McGrady’s RecipesPlus interview had to do with how the Queen enjoys her favourite cake. He said, “She'll take a small slice every day until eventually there is only one tiny piece, but you have to send that up, she wants to finish the whole of that cake.” If we were in the position of never having to share chocolate cake, we might eat it a little faster than her majesty, but we definitely commend the dedication to not letting one crumb of her fave dessert go to waste. The Huffington Post posted the royal recipe, so now we just have to decide if we're willing to share or not.

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