The Strongest Coffee In The World Is So Much Stronger Than Starbucks

Just in case your regular morning coffee isn't cutting it anymore, Black Insomnia is here to kick your caffeine intake up a gear. Because that's just what you need. Dubbing itself the "strongest coffee in the world", Black Insomnia was created in South Africa and is now available in the USA and, fear not, the UK.
The coffee contains 58.5mg of caffeine per fluid ounce which, if you skipped 'dangerous levels of caffeine intake day' in Food Tech, is over double that in Starbucks Dark Roast (21.25mg/fl.oz), over quadruple that in a cup of McDonalds' coffee (9.1mg/fl.oz) and over six times the amount of caffeine in Red Bull (9.46mg/fl.oz), according to CNN and Caffeine Informer. That's a lot of caffeine.
Despite astronomical levels of caffeine, the coffee's creator Sean Kristafor says that these amounts are fine for one 6oz shot. However, seeing as your average cup of coffee is 12 oz, this could mean an intake of 702 mg of caffeine in one sitting.
The Food Standards Agency recommend 200mg of caffeine a day for pregnant women and, while there's no official limit for non-pregnant adults in the UK, the Food and Drug Administration in the USA recommends 400mg as the daily limit.
Black Insomnia overtakes the also charmingly named Deathwish Coffee as the market leader in strong coffees - Black Insomnia claims to be 33% stronger. Black Insomnia are, however, pleased to announce that their coffee is "pure and naturally very high in caffeine without any added chemicals." So there's that.
According to Caffeine Informer, a website dedicated to educating the public on caffeine intake, Black Insomnia is listed as having "dangerous" caffeine levels.
"We are very aware of the limits and there are clear warnings on the labels" Kristafor told CNN. "On Caffeine Informer, they say that if you drink more than 20 cups of Black Insomnia, you win the Darwin Awards... an award for people who pass away doing stupid things." Good to know. Think we'll give this one a miss.

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