Of Course, Twitter Is Mad The New Raindrop Cake Is Called 'Cake'

Photo: Courtesy of Raindrop Cake.
Almost exactly one year ago, the world was introduced to that glistening blob of mineral water and agar known as the Raindrop Cake. The cake quickly blew up on social media simply because it was unlike anything most Americans had ever laid eyes on. And, New Yorkers lined up at the weekend fair of trendy foods, Smorgasburg, for a chance to get a taste and post a pic on Instagram. For the first time since this bubble burst onto the New York City food scene last year, the Raindrop Cake’s creator Darren Wong is introducing a brand new bold colour.
According to Time Out New York, the new bright purple Raindrop Cake is made the same way as the OG drop, but to get its colour, Wong adds ube, or purple yams. The new cake is served with sweetened coconut and coconut jelly. The inventor is heading back to Smorgasburg this weekend with latest menu offering, so naturally the Internet is buzzing with the news. Surprisingly though, many folks on Twitter seem to think there’s one major problem with Darren Wong’s Raindrop Cake.
It’s not that people are put off by the cake's bright colour or that it’s made with vegan gelatin obtained from algae. No, most of the Twitter users piping up appear to have a real beef with the how the treat is being classified. The use of the word “cake” is the real issue for them.
In some ways, we understand their gripe. Words do matter, and with something as important as cake, we usually like to get classifications right. But, we're also pretty sure no one is digging into this thing thinking it's going to taste like vanilla-flavoured bread coated in buttercream frosting. Plus, the new purple Raindrop Cake is so pretty it's hard to care. The intense reactions from Twitter are just giving us a good laugh while we kill time waiting to try Wong's newest creation.

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