Reese Witherspoon's Beauty Evolution Proves She Has The Fountain Of Youth

We imagine many important things happened on this day 40 years ago, but right now, we're going to focus on the fact that it's the day Reese Witherspoon was born, destined to bring us all our favourite films.
She educated us on perms and endorphins in Legally Blonde, inspired us to cut our hair after Sweet Home Alabama and Just Like Heaven, and if you put a photo of her from Cruel Intentions beside a shot from Wild, you wouldn't be able to tell any time had passed. It's kind of ridiculous how good she looks, so our only explanation is that she’s discovered the Fountain of Youth and has been sipping from it for years.
In honour of her birthday, we're paying tribute with a beauty evolution that proves age is just a number and celebrates Reese's best red carpet moments.

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