Why This Blogger Is Apologising For Sharing A Photo Of Her "Bad" Angle

When it comes to flattering photos, perspective can be everything. Many fitness bloggers, in fact, have used the traditional Instagram side-by-side photo to show that an "ideal" body really can just be a trick of an angle or a well-constructed pose.
Fitness blogger Amanda Bucci posted a side-by-side photo comparison of herself on Instagram on Saturday, differentiating between her "bad angle" and her "good angle." And now, she's apologising for it.
"My body is still mine regardless of how I pose for a picture or whatever," she had written. "Obviously most of us are inclined to never bother taking or posting a picture like the one on the left, and always wanting to / going to post a picture like the one on the right. Does it make me think any less of myself because my body doesn't look it's best in an unflattering posture / pose? Nah."
While her Instagram post received plenty of positive responses, some followers felt that her "bad" angle wasn't unflattering at all, and some called her out, commenting that the "bad" label could make others feel worse about their own unposed photos.
In response, Bucci updated her caption, writing, "I didn't mean to say that the left picture is bad. Poor word choice on my end. I should have said just relaxed / unposed."
She also posted another photo apologising further, writing, "I did not mean to use the word 'bad' for the photo on the left, because looking a certain way should never be called 'bad.'"
"As much as in my head I though 'oh, this is a bad angle for me,' to someone else, they might not view it the way," she continued. "Funny how the language we use is truly, truly important to convey how we feel and we should all (myself included) be more careful on the message we're sending."
We're glad that instead of simply deleting her photo, Bucci took time to address the criticism and to express more understanding about where her good intentions might have gone wrong. The way we speak about our bodies matters, and we're glad Bucci is making sure to be sensitive about how she speaks about herself.

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