This Video Of A Man Helping His Wife With Her Hair Is Too Cute

It’s always nice to have someone on your side who’s ready and willing to help you through life’s many difficulties. That’s why it’s so crucial to never settle for a partner who’s less than supportive, and generous, and game to try and work out the hard stuff, whatever it may be. Financial struggles, work problems, the stress of parenting, death of a loved one, waxing your armpits, saving you a wad of cash on a salon visit by taking it upon themselves to remove your weave at home — that’s the kind of stuff that’s important.
Chris and Queen, a Detroit-based husband and wife who broadcast scenes from their life almost daily on their LiveRaise account, redefined marriage goals this week when they shared a video of Chris dismantling Queen’s weave. Queen had originally intended to just head to her stylist to get it taken out, but Chris intervened when he caught wind of the fact that the seemingly simple process would cost upward of $50 (£40). “I could just do it myself!” he protests in the video.
And do it, he does. Chris narrates his approach step-by-step, and he seems to have gotten it pretty much right. “It’s not that hard, you just cut the little strings,” he says. “Don’t cut the hair, cut the strings… It’s simplicity. Not $50.” As for Queen, she seems quite pleased with her man’s newfound mastery of something she usually sees a pricy professional to do. Of course, the couple’s many followers quickly responded with their own opinions of the video — which is to say, everyone thought it was very, very cute.

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