You'll Never Guess How Some Lush Fans Are Using Their Bath Bombs

There is, for all intents and purposes, only one way in which to properly use a bath bomb. Step one: Start a bath. Step two: Put the bath bomb in the bath. Step three: Put your body in the bath. There, you’re done. That’s how you use a bath bomb, plain and simple — or so we thought, until a league of ingenious Twitter users opened our hearts and minds to an off-label usage that’s equal parts brilliant and utterly ridiculous. (All the best things are, after all.)
That’s right: Lush fans all over the globe have discovered that, when dusted on the high points of the face, glittery bath bombs can double as a pretty bangin’ highlighter. The circumstances surrounding this eureka moment are vague at best, but it’s a thing that’s happening, and it doesn’t look half bad.
Applying the excess glitter from your favorite bath product directly to your face may sound a lot like something your mom would tell you specifically not to do, but Lush says it’s totally cool. “We always encourage our customers to use our products for their intended use, so in this case [bath bombs] are meant to be enjoyed in the bath,” a brand rep told Seventeen. “That said, it certainly wouldn't cause harm to use it on your face.”
See? You — and, by extension, your mom — have nothing to worry about. Go ahead and rub that Golden Egg all over your cheekbones with abandon.

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