Fashion Industry Comes Together To Send A Clear Message About The Immigration Ban

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While last week's "Day Without Immigrants" protest saw the closing of quite a few major fast food/fast coffee chains, those are far from the only companies kept afloat by immigrant communities. For one thing, one-fourth of our country's physicians are immigrants. And if you're wondering just how much of a splash immigrants have made in the fashion industry, look no further.
In a new W Magazine video, 81 fashion celebrities come together to remind us of their immigrant status — just in case any of us were too blinded by these artists' enormous achievements to remember that they weren't actually born in this country.
The cast includes fashion designers, models, photographers, and stylists — the stars of this year's New York Fashion Week, all banding together to tell President Trump what they really think of that nonsense ban of his. W's Ghana-born Edward Enninful "held court," the magazine reports, as luminaries from all avenues of fashion flocked to the shoot.
"I am an immigrant and proud to be...I am an immigrant, and America’s been good to me," said Belgian-American design icon Diane von Furstenberg, speaking in poignant (and, apparently, purposeful) rhyme.
“People like me thought America was the best place to be creative, to be free to create, to have the freedom to be who you are,” Enninful explained of the video's inception. “I just thought, Let’s do something that shows that we’re all from somewhere else."
See below for the I Am An Immigrant video — a.k.a the Who's Who of those that truly make fashion (and America) great.

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