This Is Why Adele Stopped Singing & Cursed During The Grammys

Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images.
Leave it to someone as charming and sweet as Adele to accidentally curse on live TV during the Grammys. The 28-year-old was only a few seconds in to her tribute to the late George Michaels when she noticed that her the sound of her microphone didn't sound right. (Sound familiar? Poor Adele.) In her frustration, she accidentally let a swear word slip out. She then begged for the band to let her start the song over again. "I'm sorry for swearing and I'm sorry for starting again," she said. "I'm sorry can we please start it again. I'm sorry I can't mess this up for him!" Everyone cheered, screaming "You got it!!" as fellow performers they knew how frustrating it feels to have a random flub. Luckily, the band granted the "Hello" singer's wish and the song started over again. Still, it was obvious from her facial expressions throughout the performance that she was shook by the slip-up (although it seems like the fault may lie with the network itself, not Adele). From there, she gave a flawless ode to Michael's with his song, "Fastlove." Later, Adele would win the Grammy for Song of The Year and once again tell the viewers how sorry she was for cursing and offending anyone. It's okay, girl. Watch the moment below.

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