How This Couple Married 65 Years Knew It Was True Love

Traditionally, getting married means committing to spending the rest of your life with a person. What we often forget is that the rest of our lives are, well, long. That's why it's so incredible to hear this man who's been with his wife for 65 years talk about the day they first met. Meeting someone who you want to spend 65 years with? That's gotta be a moment to remember.
In a video that's gone viral on Facebook, John, the subject, reminisces about the time he first saw his wife. "I was a telephone engineer and she was a telephone operator," he says. The moment he first laid eyes on his future wife, he knew they were going to be together forever.
On their first date, which was a whopping 70 years ago, they saw the film Dark Corner. Later, when it started playing on TV, John taped it. Now the couple watches it on special occasions while eating beans on toast — a meal they often had in the early days.
Of course, after 65 years of marriage, the couple has gone through a lot of changes. John is having issues with his heart, and his wife is in the first stages of Alzheimer’s.
"It’s sad," John says about the days when his wife isn't healthy. "But I can’t be greedy, we’ve both had a good life together."
Despite the setbacks, the couple still manages to go for walks and sit outside the pub in the sun. "That's how I like to think of my life," John says. If given the option to do his life all over, John says he'd still choose to spend it with his wife.

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