Kit Kat Sushi Is Here To Blow Your Mind

Kit Kat is testing the theory that anything tastes good wrapped in rice and seaweed. That's why the company is offering a sushi-candy hybrid in Japan, Mashable reports. The treat uses puffed rice instead of the usual sushi rice, but it does use real seaweed. And get this: It actually looks like fish — except for the Kit Kat logo. The taste isn't the least bit fishy, though. The tuna is raspberry flavoured, the egg tastes like pumpkin pudding, and the sea urchin's got mascarpone cheese and melon flavouring. We can't be too surprised by this sheer variety: Japan is also the country that brought us sake and wasabi Kit Kats. These ones be sold in Tokyo's Kit Kat shop for $26 (£20) from 2-4 February. Between these, donut sushi, sushi cake, and sushi croissants, there are truly no limits to the ways we can incorporate sushi into our meals...and our desserts.

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