The Problem With Kendall Jenner’s New Pink Wall

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When Kendall Jenner debuted the new pink wall in her living room on Instagram last month, it made a lot of sense. After all, the colour was the trendiest hue of 2016. Her explanation for choosing the colour for her home, however, gave us pause. In a new post on her app, titled "The Story Behind My Pink Wall," Jenner explained that she chose the colour because it's calming — and supposedly fights your hunger. "I decided to paint it pink because while I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the room, I went to dinner with friends and they had just gone to the 'Human Condition' exhibition at a former hospital in LA," she wrote. "They were telling me there's a pink room at the exhibit that had an explanation of the colour choice: Baker-Miller Pink is the only colour scientifically proven to calm you AND suppress your appetite," she claimed. "I was like, 'I NEED this colour in my house!' I then found someone to paint the room and now I'm loving it!"

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Let's unpack this for a moment — starting with the claim that this colour will make you want to eat less. According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, colour does play a small role in your appetite, but it largely depends on what you associate a specific colour with. So, sure — if you eat very few pink foods, the colour may not increase your appetite. But since colour association is so subjective and varies from person to person, it's hard to say that any single colour definitively suppresses the human appetite as a whole. (The colour, however, was studied in the 1960s as a way to reduce hostile behaviour in prisoners, for what it's worth.) Not to mention that having an appetite is not a bad thing. It's the thing your body uses to indicate to you that it needs food in order to survive, and suppressing that need can be dangerous. We love Kendall (and the colour pink), but we can't say we're too jazzed about her fighting her body's natural urge to, you know, eat.

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