Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Alia Penner.
Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
Holographic makeup, anyone? 2017 begins on an enchantingly esoteric note, which makes this shimmery trend all the more fitting. On Tuesday, January 3, Venus floats into poetic Pisces — and joins her partner Mars there until 28th January. For better or for worse, we'll all be driven to distraction now. After all the hard news of 2016's final quarter, this sweet escape could bring some relief — all good as long as we don't float off in any bubbles. When planets tour Pisces, it's important to note "the man behind the curtain" even if we're enjoying the show. Everything could feel a little nebulous under this planetary pairing. This phase can be great for romance, the arts, and meditation — anything that allows us to suspend our obsession with "reality." Instead of rushing headlong toward our goals, we can ease gently into our 2017 routines. And why not apply some Piscean magic by using the law of attraction? The rules are easy: Instead of dwelling on what's not working, picture yourself already surrounded by the outcome you want to create. Collect and collage images that support that ideal. Visual cues can be incredibly helpful with the whole manifestation process. And while there can be a pull into the underworld (seafaring Pisces' domain), keep replaying Michelle Obama's message in your head, "When they go low, we go high."
Another reason to gently flow into 2017? Messenger Mercury is still retrograde until this Sunday, 8th January. The signal-jamming backspin began on December 19, and has been turning everyone's attention to tying up loose ends instead of rushing toward new goals. Devote this week to any lingering cleanup missions, returning phone calls and emails and basically clearing all decks. When Mercury's back on track next week, we can let the master-planning commence.

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