Chocolate Cheese Exists Now Because This Is The World We Live In

Around this time last year, sliced chocolate became a popular food trend in Japan. The slices look a lot like those plastic-y Kraft singles that make such delicious grilled cheeses. This weird trend was the closest we ever thought the world would come to chocolate cheese, but recently, we discovered we were very wrong. A dairy specialist in Melbourne called Curds & Whey just came out with a product that combines actual cheese with actual chocolate. If your first instinct was "ick!" then brace yourself, because it gets weirder. The cheesemaker chose to add chocolate to one of the stinkiest cheeses around, Italian blue cheese. Mashable reports the concoction is called Choco 21, and it's aged in chocolate liqueur. If that's not chocolatey enough for you, don't worry: It's also covered in cocoa and topped with chocolate chunks. Would you dare try this experimental cheese? Well, according to the shop's Instagram account, it's completely sold out. Comments on the photo suggest people are extremely upset there's no more Choco 21 in the world, so maybe we're being too close-minded. Or maybe Australians just have very different taste?

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