This Chocolate Is Designed To Relieve Your Period Cramps

Courtesy of Chocolate with Love.
From weed "tampons" to bath soaks, the demand for period pain relief is driving a growing herbal industry. The latest: Swiss manufacturer Chocolate with Love has created candy with that purpose in mind — this time without cannabis, the Independent reports. The dark chocolate bar is called Frauenmond, which means "woman's moon" in German. Its creator Marc Widmer told 20 Minuten that he was inspired by a family of farmers who created a tea by the same name. They taught him how a special selection of herbs from the Swiss Alps can work together to produce a "calming effect" on the body, according to the Independent. Each Frauenmond bar contains 60% cocoa and 17 different herbs that are grown in Switzerland's mountains and have "a soothing and harmonising effect" on cramps. The product's description also claims it improves circulation and boosts serotonin levels. We're majorly skeptical of the idea that a fancy chocolate bar could replace ibuprofen and a heating pad when it comes to healing your aching midsection; even Widmer admits that chocolate is not a medical product. And yet, we love chocolate and welcome basically any excuse to eat more of it. Plus, there is arguably ascientific reason to indulge in chocolate and other sweets if you have symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or PMS. During the two weeks leading up to your period, your body goes through multiple hormonal and chemical shifts. One of these is fluctuations in the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is most famous for playing a role in mood, according to the Mayo Clinic. A recent study in Annals of Endocrinology found that people really do tend to eat more carbohydrates (like candy, chocolate, and other sweet treats) during the two weeks preceding their periods, potentially as a way to boost their moods. So, if you're feeling crabby because of PMS, this may be a remedy. If you're feeling crabby because of something else — or if you're just craving chocolate for no reason at all — it could work for that, too.

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