Dame Helen Mirren Has A Warning About The Election

Listen up, because Dame Helen Mirren has a few words for you. Specifically, five. “Please make sure you vote,” the award-winning British actress urges in a new voting PSA titled "No Regrets." The video was released by the Humanity for Hillary social media campaign on Wednesday morning. Mirren urged American voters to remember what is truly at stake when they cast their ballots and that, yes, the worst outcome is always a possibility. She offers Brexit as an example. “No one really thought that Great Britain would leave the European Union — but it did,” she says in the video. In a statement, Mirren said she couldn’t have imagined British voters approving the move to leave. But they did, and after the referendum results were announced, many Britons were shocked, with a petition calling for a re-do garnering more than 3 million signatures. Mirren wants Americans to see Brexit as a warning. “The global shockwaves, confusion, and regret felt in the wake of Brexit should serve as a warning to the United States, which I love and consider a second home. Imagine how you’ll feel if you do not vote on November 8. The unthinkable really can happen,” she said in a press release. So what can you do? That's simple, she says: Turn up on Election Day and cast your ballot "so you don’t have abstainer’s regret."

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