The Reason This Bride Removed 2 Of Her Bridesmaids Is Horrible

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Bridesmaid horror stories are everywhere online. But one Reddit user made it into the bridal party, only to be nixed later — and for the worst reason.
Redditor throwittothewolves60 explained that she and another friend were allegedly bumped off her friend's bridesmaid list because there weren't enough groomsmen — an explanation the redditor took in stride. It wasn't until later that she learned the real reason her friend didn't want her in the wedding photos.
"A month after the wedding, one of the bridesmaids was venting to me about how the bride still hadn't paid for the catering that her boyfriend did and how angry she was about it. During this conversation, she casually lets it slip that the real reason we were removed from the wedding was because I (South Asian) and my friend (Black) had dark skin, and she preferred how the dresses looked on pale skin. I still haven't told the other removed bridesmaid about this revelation," she said.
This story needs no extra details, but in case the full extent of how horrible this is hasn't landed: The redditor and the bride had been friends for 12 years, and the bride had been her bridesmaid. "She preferred how the dresses looked on pale skin," is a racist sentiment, and the redditor has every right to be upset. A woman she thought was her friend edited her out of one of the biggest moments of her life — because she thought her skin tone would clash with the colour scheme. The redditor closed her post asking whether the incident is really a "big deal." We'd say...yeah. To put it mildly.

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