You’ve Been Saying These Brand Names Wrong This Whole Time

This week, we've all been confused about how to say Primark – "pry-mark" versus "pree-mark" – and the answer has divided the internet. Primark ended the debate for good by writing on their website: "We like to use Pr-Eye-Mark."
But Primark isn't the only brand that people mispronounce. Kanye West once rapped that he shopped so much that he could speak Italian. He also once helpfully told us that it's "Dior Homme not Dior Homie." But not everyone can have Kanye around them at all times.
So we're left to wander alone, pronouncing brand names how we think they might be said. Maybe you'll just avoid the name all together if you're in certain company. But would you like to know how to properly say Givenchy? Or maybe you think you have Adidas, Vidal Sassoon, and L'Occitane down. This video from Today is here to tell you: You don't.
At least Adidas. That one's insanely tricky. This video is great to either share with your friends or not share with them and correct them at a party. Believe us, everyone loves being corrected on their pronunciation!
Watch below.

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