Sainsbury’s Hilarious Response To Viral Vegan Cheese Rant

Illustration by Isabel Guijarro Castillo.
There's just no pleasing some people, as supermarket Sainsbury's learned this week. After satisfying the vegan community by launching a long-awaited line of dairy-free cheeses, the disdain of one cheese lover in particular was loud and clear. One woman took to Facebook for an angry rant about the cheese, but Sainsbury's ended up having the last laugh by turning her post into a viral joke. The unidentified woman, whose diatribe was reposted by Vegan Life Magazine's Facebook page, raged against the products and said the supermarket shouldn't be calling it "cheese" at all. "Call it Gary or something but don't call it cheese," she opined.
"As a real cheese fan myself it's really annoyed me that Sainsbury's have brought out a 'Vegan Cheese' made with COCONUTS. CHEESE IS NOT MADE WITH COCONUTS." She added: "Call it Gary or something don't call it Cheese because IT'S NOT CHEESE!!!!!!"" The woman then went on a more general tirade against veganism, adding: "(If you're allergic to cheese I feel for you) if you're a Vegan because you've chosen to be and not that you're allergic I'm not interested in your views about vegan cheese or that eating products from animals is bad..." The vegan community responded in hilarious fashion, taking the woman's suggestion that vegan cheese be renamed "Gary" literally. People posted photos to social media of the meals they'd made using Gary and a Facebook page, "It's not Vegan Cheese, it's Gary", soon popped up.
Even clothing sporting the meme became available, with Teespring producing an "It's Not Vegan Cheese, It's Gary" t shirt in five colours for £13.10 each. And then Sainsbury's got in on the act, with a little help from photoshop.
The supermarket posted an image of its vegan cheese to Facebook with the name changed to “Gary”. Well played. "Thanks to customer feedback, we’re excited to introduce our new range of #Gary," the supermarket quipped. The post has been shared more than 4,000 times and received more than 4.7 thousand likes. The angry woman who inspired the meme probably didn't expect she'd actually end up encouraging people to try vegan cheese.
Has she considered a career in marketing, we wonder?

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