This Is Why Kim Kardashian's Makeup Always Looks So Good

Photo: Sean Zanni/Getty Images.
We always imagined this day would come: Kim Kardashian-West, she of the extravagant lifestyle and impeccable contour, has live-streamed a video in which she walks us through her everyday makeup routine. But, the thing that we never imagined would come from this long-awaited day? That we would have something in common with the high-profile reality star and the way she gets ready.

Ok, forget for a minute that she uses 25 products, not including tools, as part of her express routine. And at $1,145 (£880), they cost about as much as one's monthly rent. One-percenter stuff aside, Kim is us with our makeup bag: She rocks out to classic playlists, frets over lighting, mutters to herself here and there, flubs lash-curling, stresses over time, and questions her winged eyeliner skills. (“Shit, I should have winged that liner a little bit more?” she thinks aloud while examining the final look.)

Click through for the play-by-play of each step and all the products that Kardashian-West uses in the video — and then some. The scene: a Toronto hotel bathroom. The characters: Kim K, her goofy sidekick Jonathan, and her rap-star husband. The makeup tips: abundant. Let’s dive in.

Bonus: You can watch Kim K.'s 10-minute tutorial video on the final slide.

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