Stranger Things' Eleven Just Posted An Amazing Amy Winehouse-Related Insta

Millie Bobby Brown is rapidly ascending to unreal heights of cool for a 12-year-old. The Stranger Things actress and buzzcut recipient has a well-established love for Amy Winehouse. Her "You Know I'm No Good" cover shows a maturity that belies her age. Now she's back, with a #TBT that seems even more improbable.

The Instagram post is of Brown, aged five, singing "Valerie" in the style of Winehouse. "Valerie" is originally a song by The Zutons, but pretty much any Amy Winehouse cover becomes the definitive version. One would think that a five-year-old wouldn't have enough vocal presence to pull off a convincing Winehouse impersonation. One would be wrong in that thought, apparently. Brown's voice is, well, just listen.
Pretty amazing, right? We agree.

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