Each Country's Most Popular Emoji Revealed

Crack open a beer 🍻 and don your best party frock πŸ’ƒ, because this Sunday is World Emoji Day.

In case you didn’t know, the 17th of July is dedicated to celebrating emoji every year, the wondrous creations that bring so much joy and somehow manage to nail our emotions better than words ever could.

To mark the occasion, Twitter has revealed the top emoji tweeted in 20 countries around the world in the last year🌍. And some of the results are quite surprising.

In the UK, USA and Canada, the most tweeted emoji was the weary face 😩. With the recent news of Brexit and the rise of Trump, perhaps Brits and Americans used it to tweet about the news. But Canada, what was your excuse?

South Americans were clearly into their music this year, with Columbia, Brazil and Argentina all using the musical notes the most 🎢.

French people lived up to their romantic reputation, using the heart with arrow symbol most frequently πŸ’˜. Italy πŸ’– and Japan πŸ’“ must have been feeling amorous, too, with both also opting for a variation of the love heart most often, and South Korea going for the kissy lips πŸ’‹.
Photo: Courtesy of Twitter
Twitter also found that people around the world tweet about beer 🍻 more than coffee β˜•οΈ, and, cheeringly, they used more full hearts ❀️ than broken hearts πŸ’”.
Photo: Courtesy of Twitter
The most-used faces suggest it must have been an emotional year. The most popular was the crying with laughter emoji πŸ˜‚, followed by the love-heart eyes 😍 and loudly crying with sadness 😭.

The clapping symbol was the most-used hands emoji πŸ‘, with praying πŸ™ – or "folded hands" as it's officially known – coming in second, and the OK sign in third placeπŸ‘Œ.

The most-tweeted reaction emoji was the sparkles ✨, which are often used to suggest something is "sparkling clean", according to Emojipedia. Followed by the fire, which suggests something is "lit" πŸ”₯ , and the celebratory party popper πŸŽ‰.

Food emoji are extremely popular, but surprisingly the aubergine, or eggplant πŸ†, which is often used to indicate something other than a delicious vegetable, didn't make the top three. The most popular was the birthday cake πŸŽ‚, followed by the pizza slice πŸ• and the strawberry πŸ“.

World Emoji Day, which has been running for two years, was the number one trending hashtag on Twitter last year and Twitter has created a custom emoji to mark this year's event, which will show up all weekend when users tweet #WorldEmojiDay.

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