10 Musicians Who Are Busting Up Beauty Standards

In the '90s and 2000s, there was an almost cookie-cutter image of a pop star. Think: big, long hair, glossy bubblegum lips, shimmery shadows, and an overall girl-next-door vibe. It had its appeal, for sure, but it was also pretty homogenous. We had a hard time telling apart all our Britneys, Jessicas, Mandys, and Xtinas.
But in this decade, the idea of a strictly defined trending look for all artists seems quaint. We'd like to think you no longer have to fit into a narrowly prescribed box to become a major musical force. Which is why you'll notice that the singers of today have very little in common aesthetically, other than the fact that they all deliver individualised, unique, beauty boundary-pushing looks.
From singer Yuna to rapper CL to the now household-name Zendaya, these are the women changing the way we listen to and look at musicians. Whether it's their signature makeup or bold hair statements, they couldn't be farther from mainstream — and we couldn't be more excited to watch them grow. Click through to see for yourself. And once you're done clapping for all their cool beauty looks, we highly recommend adding their tunes to your Spotify playlist.

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