This Is Why You Need Tinted Sunscreen In Your Life

I don't wear foundation. Is that because I have clear skin? Or do I have clear skin because I don't wear foundation? This is one of the great skin-care-versus-makeup, chicken-or-the-egg questions. Or perhaps they have nothing to do with each other? The world may never know.
But this does not mean I completely forgo a little extra boost of cover-up confidence. I've just found a workaround: tinted sunscreen. Every morning after I moisturise, I slather on a layer of SPF with a matte tint on my face to even out my skin tone and protect me from the sun on the regular. Bonus: Some experts believe SPF with a tint can actually protect your skin better than its clear counterpart. That is what I call a win-win.
I opt for a tinted sunscreen over a BB cream for its higher sun-protection power, since I'm already getting the skin-care benefits from my cream (and, hey, SPF is anti-ageing, too). And for those who could never give up their base makeup, the light coverage of a tinted sunscreen is a great option if you don't want to go bare-faced at the beach or pool.
Ahead, tinted sunscreens for your perusing pleasure.

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