This Newborn Baby Is An Internet Star For The BEST Reason

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There are many things to coo over when it comes to newborn babies. Let's start with their adorableness, their adorableness, oh, and their adorableness. But when it comes to 2-month-old Coral Rader, there's another characteristic people are fawning over: her incredible hair.
Baby Coral, who lives in Hawaii with her parents Mike and Drea, was born with ice-blue eyes and a head of seriously enviable newscaster hair. A picture of her mane was posted on Imgur last week and has since gained almost 1.5 million views. Comments ranged from envy: "She has more hair than me," one user wrote. To predictions: "At this speed, you can expect the first white hair around 4 months," another wrote. To, of course, comparisons: "2 months and already got James Brown's haircut," one wrote. "Your daughter could star in a Zoolander prequel," wrote another. All accurate observations.

A photo posted by Michael Rader (@picgenic) on

We still have trouble securing good hair days after 20-plus years, so we think it's fair to say this baby's hair game has us beat. Mike tells People that he and his wife have been "combing her hair since day one," and, at the rate it seems to be growing, the IRL Rapunzel from Russia might have some competition in a few years. You can catch more of Coral's hair in action via her parents' YouTube channel. Here's hoping they set up a playdate with her tiny hair twin Isabelle Kaplan.

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