Khloé Kardashian & Her 3-Year-Old Niece Wear Matching Extensions

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Update: It turns out braid master Justine Marjan is on vacation with the Kardashians, on call to update their hair, after all. She gave both Khloé and her 3-year-old niece, Penelope, some matching waist-length braided extensions — which Khloé just posted to Instagram. "I prepped the hair with Ouai hair oil, then used Gorilla Snot gel for hold while I braided in synthetic hair," Marjan tells us. "I then sprayed with Kardashian Beauty Pure Glitz hairspray to finish." Considering most toddlers don't have the patience to wait while you tie their shoes or cut their chicken nuggets, this is something.

This story was originally published on April 5, 2016, at 12:55 p.m.

We’ve seen the Kardashians twinning with their littles before. Kim and North are constantly wearing matching outfits and sporting similar hairstyles, and Kourtney and Penelope even have the same pair of Chanel (yes, Chanel) espadrille flats. But Khloé is upping the family uniform game with a little triplet action.

Great minds.....

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In an Instagram pic that both Khloé and Kim posted from their mysterious family ski vacation (with the captions "Great minds" and "braids braids braids braids braids," respectively), Aunt Koko, North, and Penelope all appear sporting the same look. We're not surprised to see that it's the inside-out pigtail braids the Kardashian clan just can't seem to quit. It seems like Khloé is rarely seen without them these days; Kim is also on board (though some misidentified iterations have sparked controversy). Even Kylie has been known to dabble in the look as well. Now, it's on to the next generation. The family's go-to braid guru, Justine Marjan, wasn't responsible for these looks — but we heard she might be on hand soon for on-the-spot braid touch-ups. Talk about committing to a style.

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