Maybe Spencer’s Gifts Was Onto Something

When it's this cold out, you've got this much to do, and there are this many people asking how your day has been, the most appealing thing can be a worn-in couch, a movie you've seen a million times before, and a nicely packed bowl. Prosecco and uppers might seem like the vice of choice for fashion people — but in our experience, the ones really grinding can typically be found in the aforementioned setup on Friday evenings.
And perhaps, certain designers' pleasure of choice has found its way into their businesses — at both Baja East and Alexander Wang, marijuana leaves played a big role in giving soft, sensual, nighttime pieces a bit of colour. The seven-pronged leaves are beautiful, aesthetically speaking, and they emblazoned (heh) leather slip dresses and furry miniskirts at Alexander Wang. There, they were pronged with teeth, looking more like lacy ferns than weed. At Baja East, the leaves were sharp and uniform, like tiny stars in a golden constellation.
It's a silly and sort of stupid motif in the same kind of way it was silly and sort of stupid to wear a "leaf" earring in high school that you picked up at Spencer's Gifts after a food-court date at the mall. But hey — if the '90s are back...

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