Kanye West Tweets Support For Bill Cosby

Kanye West has the eyes of the world on him. He has that at all times, but especially now with his album and new fashion line set to drop in less than 48 hours. So with all the attention laser-focused on him once again, and fresh off a sex-related Twitter embarrassment, Kanye apparently decided to say that Bill Cosby is innocent. As one might imagine, reactions have been somewhat less than positive. This response isn't a surprise. But is Kanye’s defending alleged rapist Cosby? His use of exclamtion marks seems to indicate he might be. Remember, Kanye has a longstanding infatuation with Michael Jackson, another black icon who saw his public image destroyed by a massive media-tried sex scandal. Jackson was consistently acquitted whenever he stood trial, and the jury hasn’t even weighed in on Bill Cosby’s impending proceedings. Still, we’re left with the unfortunate optics of Kanye West using a massive platform to publicly declare support for one of the most noted creeps of the past year. It's not a good look for Kanye, but the man has never shied away from controversy. Will this be the nail in the coffin of Kanye's public image? Or just another bombastic statement from a noted iconoclast?
Despite the controversy, Kanye seems less than perturbed.

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