Here Is The Definitive List Of Things That Are “So Gucci” (Including A Few New Ones)

While people may not mean “everything is Gucci” when they say “everything is gucci,” both phrases can technically be correct. While most fashion houses have a seriously hard time tickling our whims while also staying true to their brands' traditions, Alessandro Michele has done a bang-up job being both novel and classic — and he owes it to consistency. There’s not a ton of variation in the look, feel, and actual items between every collection he puts out. Whether it’s fall, pre-fall, men’s, women’s, or anything in-between, Michele knows not to fix what’s not broken. Instead of writing a new novel each season, he’s slowly adding on a chapter each time.
For anyone keeping up, though, Michele’s roster of trends at Gucci is so au courant, it seems to contain pretty much everything cool at the moment. Things that are “so Gucci” right now include furry loafers, not furry loafers, dresses in Jordan Almonds colours, sheer maxi-dresses, pussy bows, low-heeled loafers, berets, crochet, intense gold, watercolour roses, pineapples, sweater vests, trompe l'oeil ribbons, a certain shade of pink, rickrack trim, and big glasses frames. For fall 2016, Michele did all of those again — obviously — but tacked on a couple more. Click through for the grand rundown of "so Gucci" looks.

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