Messages To Your Exes On Cakes

Are those rice krispies? Revenge is a dish best served... with sprinkles.

For all those heartfelt letters you penned to your ex-boyfriend, break-up CDs you burned for your ex-girlfriend or novella-length Whatsapp messages you've authored explaining your reasons to ditch your current beau, besides the obvious fact that Matt from work has eyes you could dive into, it might have just been easier to spell it out on some sponge.

Not following? We've happened across an Instagram account, @eatyrheartsout, that pipes all our clichéd excuses for failed relationships and lost loves onto cupcakes and brownies. This is good for two reasons. One: baking is cathartic. Two: you can eat all your hate once the icing has cooled. Because, let's be frank, what kind of heartbreak can't be healed by an iced bun that reads "it's not me it's you?"

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